jersey girl alert: bruce is coming to town (if you say bruce who, well, i might just smack ya upside da head) with a new album to push (radio nowhere is the first release). so yeah, he looks a little like a rahway resident on the cover. so what?

i always *heart* the albums with the E Street Band the best (even if patti scialfa’s voice grates on my nerves. don’t get me wrong; i’m glad he ended up with a jersey girl instead of julianne whats-her-name.) i wondered about fans who attended his last tour and were annoyed by the whole jug-band thing. i mean, what the hell — did they think he was going to belt out born to run on a tuba?

want a fun little tour of BS’s hometown, which also happens to be the Boss’s hometown? tee hee, i remember holding the camera for some of the shots. course, the place has changed a LOT since a decade’s gone by…

but i digress.  i’m just hoping i don’t have to cut into the kids’ college funds for tickets this time. if only the newsweek link was still live recounting the tale of BS competing, unknowingly, with one of his sisters, for a VH1 charity package of backstage passes and front-row seats.  this sort of thing only happens to us.

yep. we’re revisiting a portion of our youth today. it’s kind of fun to revisit youth with a little more money. although frankly, given the choice, i think i’d still take the youth.


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