all i want is everything

with sincerest apologies to southside johnny and the asbury jukes

i feel good today. r e a l l y good. don’t know how long the feeling will last, and nevermind the fact that i have to go get a CT scan of my chest and an U/S of my abdomen. (bahaha. i want a doctor to take your picture so i can look at you from inside as well.i. feel. good. (dagnabit.) when i feel good, i feel like i can think about the future. cos when i feel good, i feel like i’ll be around a loooooong time into the future.

so, i was mentally cataloging things this morning while waiting in the hematologist’s office (platelets=190~ IVIG is my friend!). things i want.

1) eight consecutive hours of uninterrupted sleep.

2) well-adjusted kids who seem relatively happy doing what they’re doing.

3) a rest for my BS who could definitely do with one.

4) plenty of time to play.

5) plenty of time to write.

6) plenty of time.

7) an opportunity to see family and friends who i don’t get to see all that often.

8) an opportunity to apologize to people i was horrid to when i was a teen (i have been reading my journals from high school, and there are a few people i inadvertantly messed about a little. not intentionally, of course — i was a mixed-up kid, just like the next one. i just didn’t see the view from 40,000 feet like i do now.)

9) time to be what i always wanted to be as a grownup.

10) repeat.

i feel good. so i sort of have everything. already.


2 Responses to “all i want is everything”

  1. Now I have Turning Japanese stuck in my head! {shakes fist}

    (Actually, I have it in my iTunes and I am bopping my head to it as I type this, so thanks!)

  2. lol! i remember once when BS had to go into the hospital years ago so that doctors could take a peek into his throat. he was still very groggy, so the surgeon came and talked to me. when BS asked me what was doing, i looked at him and sang: “i got the doctor to take your picture so i could look at you from inside as well.” and thus, the joke around here started 😉

    i guess there are worse songs to get stuck in your head. and when i do, i think about the sanford and son theme and it clears it all 🙂

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