high school musical II

you know, i’ve reared my kids on the classics: the beatles, the stones, the ramones, bob marley, the white stripes… okay, the white stripes are a little too new. but still. my kids can sing along with bruce and bono… and yet BC has gone and gotten herself hooked on high school musical, which now includes the sequel.

(which, btw, just set a record as the most watched basic cable program. ever.)

tweens galore want to look like the leads. and BC, being a red-blooded american tween, adores them. especially sharpay. and mama, if you tell me sharpay is also the name of a dog [misspelled, i would add], i’m gonna scream! yes, making fun of every aspect of high school musical and it’s sequel, while akin to shooting the proverbial fish in a barrel, is a no-win proposition. they love it.

on the bright side, the kids in the movie are allegedly a lot better behaved off-screen than, say, lindsay lohan, another star who made her mark in the disney stable of stars. not that la lohan hasn’t valuably taught my daughter than drugs and alcohol a mess can make.

but sheesh. my teeth hurt from watching this treacle.


3 Responses to “high school musical II”

  1. Don’t feel alone with this one. We were up in NY earlier this week and the haute couture store “Club Libby Lu” was literally 50 percent HSM2 merchandise (ya, all the cool ‘rents use the acronym, donchaknow). Dear daughter went ga ga, then squealed even more when she realized that the remainder of the store had Hannah Montana merchandise (which, incidentally, is the Halloween costume of choice this year). Disney….is…..so…..powerful……Save me, Obi Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. i understand your trepidation. i have a three-year-old that can sing along with james brown, the beatles, wilco and, uh, “escalator of life” by robert hazard (we heard it in a restaurant once). i don’t kid myself into thinking this will last into her teen years. but then, early-teens have a statutory right to bad taste.

  3. […] prohibit, television in our house, for example. and BC, as i’ve mentioned before, is a HUGE high school musical fan. while it’s not music to my ears, i have no problem allowing BC to enjoy this pretty […]

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