fried pepsi???

from the land of WTF:

The deep-fried Combo Plate may be a little more healthful this year at the Great Indiana State Fair. So say the fair’s leaders, who, taking a step rarely seen in the realm of corn dogs and fried pickles, have banned oils with trans fats from all the fryers that line the grounds here.

somehow, i missed the whole fry-anything-that-doesn’t-move experience. who is the genius that thought up this concept in food? i mean, fried snickers bars? fried oreos? fried pepsi??

yes, virginia. deep-fried pepsi. take pepsi-based dough, dip it into pepsi-laced batter, and deep-fry. serve it with pepsi syrup, whipped cream and cinnamon sugar. mmm, mmm. dats good eatin’. michelin would give it five stars, i’m certain.


1) who the hell likes pepsi so much that he wants to pray at its altar and eat a dessert dedicated to its flavor? and what the hell IS pepsi flavor, anyway? someone at IFF is probably laughing all the way to the damn bank.

2) i can understand why cities and restaurants want to ban trans-fatty oils; i applaud the effort. but hell, if someone is hell-bent on eating a deep-fried ho ho, don’t you think that the oil is the least of it?

3) if vendors are bitching that they have to change the oil more often, wouldn’t that make you wonder whether they ever change it?

fair food. one guy called it a little slice of heaven. i don’t know about that, but eating it might get you there a little sooner than you’d want.


2 Responses to “fried pepsi???”

  1. Alright, I gotta come to the defense of fried pickles. I’ve never had them here, but the concept is solid. I’ve had fried sauerkraut balls (basically sauerkraut and batter scooped up with an icecream scoop and deep fried), and there’s almost nothing better with a nice cold beer. The texture and mouth feel is like baked alaska gone sour. It’s like biting into a piece of fried chicken and having it taste like key lime pie. The flavor centers of your brain implode from cognizant dissonance.

    I’ve been tempted to try Eamonn’s deepfried burger, but I never get past the fish.

    And the concept originated in Scotland. There’s only so much haggis you can eat before you finally snap. But yeah, I kinda draw the line at deep fried icecream.

  2. conceptually, deep fried ice cream always stymied me. but then again, math is hard.

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