the wonder pets

my 4 year old suddenly has discovered the wonder pets. a year late, of course, but we’re a little slow to watch much on Nick. i hate the fact that they show commercials to the preschool set. hate hate HATE it.

linny, tuck, and ming-ming, too. they’re wonder pets and they eat poo.

no, not really. i’m just losing it watching these things which BS is now TIVOing for hellboy’s watching pleasure. thanks to my friend TIVO we can cruise right over those age-appropriate ads on Nick Jr for things like hair replacement, which all preschoolers seriously need.  i suppose the wonder pets aren’t as bad as watching barney (and i remember the vile jurassic entity in his heyday), which made me actually ill. we tried to banish barney from our home when BC was small, but as every friend of hers watched it at daycare, it was impossible. we embraced him, getting some used home videos and a few toys.

the phase passed. thousands rejoiced.

so as a mom, i’ve learned you cannot banish things unless you want them to grow larger than life. i will learn to embrace the wonder pets. i will become one with the wonder pets. i will… i will stop singing every blessed word that emanates from my mouth in a style like the wonder pets do. like: ju-lian. come eat your BREAK-fast!

i can’t stop SING-ing.  this is see-weee-us! 

the worst was when i tried to sing along with one part. only, too bad for me, cos i got the words wrong:

we’re not too big and we’re not too smart. but when we work together we’ve got the right STUFF!


wait a second. we’re not too smart? that can’t be right. i must be hallucinating.

speaking of hallucinations, am i the only one who is wondering whether college kids get together, get stoned, and watch the wonder pets? it SCREAMS drinking game, just like love boat did when i was, er, when i was watching it in re-runs.  many. years. ago.

anyway, maybe i can use the wonder pets to encourage certain younger family members to help out around the house. i can grab my trusty broom, hand it to the younger hellboy, grab the dustpan, and sing at the top of my happy lungs:

what’s gonna work? TEAMWORK!

wonder pets. it’s a tv show, a chore-helper AND a drinking game.  not that i would ever encourage the latter, of course.

unless anyone wants to come over my house sometime with some mojitos.


2 Responses to “the wonder pets”

  1. HA HAHAHAHAHA!! Hoo. Yeah, I Netflixed Thea a Wonderpets DVD. She made us leave the room while she watched it (Todd and I tend to talk over the kids’ shows). About 15 minutes into it, she turned off the TV and said, “I don’t like it, send it back.” And we rejoiced.

    HOWEVER, both she and Liam have an all-encompassing love for Dora, who screams every word she says. Not sure it’s an improvement.

  2. ROSIE LOOOVES WONDER PETS. and i can’t stomach it. Although Wonder pets *are* TiVo’d at our house, I somehow forget to mention them when we are scrolling through the list for shows to watch. Thank goodness that Rosie is only reading 3-4 letter words so far.

    You wanna teamwork some mojitos? I’m in.

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