silver wendy and dona

silver wendy is a friend of my friend jaxx and, over time, a friend of mine, too, albeit mostly virtually. she set up this website to raise awareness of her dear friend dona, who is battling cancer. it always knocks me to my core whenever i hear about a mom who is doing everything to stay around. dona says it best:

I will dance at my sons’ weddings.

any support you might provide or links to her page are graciously appreciated.


2 Responses to “silver wendy and dona”

  1. Thanks so much for the link! I’m so touched and appreciative. Dona is still fighting and living every day to the fullest. She’s been given the “months to live” diagnosis several times now and always manages to beat the odds. She needs to live to dance at her sons’ weddings, because the older one is going to marry my daughter, according to them (ages 5 and 6).

  2. i would like to be invited to that wedding, too 🙂

    go, dona, go!

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