reporting in

i had an IVIG treatment yesterday, and i survived it πŸ™‚ i was wicked tired afterwards — still am — but i didn’t seem to go through any sort of convulsions this time. i have a headache, but otherwise, i’m pretty damn good. i guess these things get better over time. now, if only the nurse could find a place for the IV on the first shot, it would be super.

finally, i received a copy of my trough levels — meaning the levels of IgG and IgA in my blood just before a treatment. not surprisingly, they’re low. in the inimitable words of my brother the doctor, “if they weren’t low, you wouldn’t need the treatment.” well, duh πŸ˜‰ they broke down my IgG into 4 different types, which my brother also noted was a useless waste of test money, as i can’t control precisely what sort of IgG ends up in my gammagard soup anyway. all that’s important is knowing whether i’m low in total. which i am. sadly.

BS gave me a good perspective yesterday, one i needed to hear. he took me to wegmans after my treatment, and we sat and had the closest thing to a lunch date that we’ve had in years. i started to whine about what they might discover in the blood supply in 20 years. i mean, look what happened to those poor hemopheliacs before they figured out the whole HIV thang. and BS looked me in the eye and said one of the smartest things he’s said in a while: “you take this stuff so you can be AROUND in 20 years. without it, there’s a chance you won’t be. so don’t worry about what they’re going to discover then.” the point, you see, is to make it there πŸ™‚

and i intend to.


2 Responses to “reporting in”

  1. testing since the comments apparently are problematic

  2. Sounds like BS has good perspective. Hang in there!

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