stewing in my own gazpacho

it’s been a fabulous week.

1st, a young woman ran her scooter into the back of our car. i’m glad she was absolutely fine. BS offered to take her to the fire station up the block so she could get medical attention, but she said she was fine. (and she seemed ok from where i sat.) thank goodness everyone was ok. but now, we have the joy of getting the bumper and back of our car fixed.

2nd, we noticed some water around our A/C. the A/C man came, told me we were freezing up and losing freon. and this was probably due to the fact that the A/C was from 1984. so we’re also looking at a chunk of change to replace the A/C.

3rd, i have an IVIG  treatment tomorrow. the nurses are very nice, but i hope the one who finds my veins is the poker tomorrow so i don’t end up with an arm that makes me look like keith richard’s evil twin, circa 1969. oh, and it would be nice if i could ascertain whether these are working.

in short, i’m a little cranky. if you couldn’t tell, of course.


4 Responses to “stewing in my own gazpacho”

  1. First the crazy old lady who nearly shaved off half your car and nearly killed ME in the process. Now the scooter girl who mucked up your car! What crazy “luck” you have with car stuff! **HUGS**

  2. thanks. what upset me most about crazy old lady was that you were still in my car when she nearly shaved half of it off. i can replace my car; but i can’t replace you 🙂

  3. I hope things go well today! I have my fingers and all my peripherals crossed.

  4. seriously. sher. that car incident with me inside was one of the craziest experiences of my life. i was in dumbfounded shock bc i couldn’t understand what she was doing nor could i stop her. she just kept driving back and forth, each time madly scraping the side of your car and rocking me about all while i was screaming, “HEY LADY!!! STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

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