i am soooo trying this out…

(with thanks to urban vegan.)

i wonder how many weight watchers points this’ll be…

of course, BS does not drink wine. i better invite kelly over… 😉


3 Responses to “i am soooo trying this out…”

  1. invite me, too!

  2. I’ll bring the fruit and cheap wine!

  3. notdancingqueen Says:

    Hello?!?! me three!

    WeWa points are probably the same as the wine if you don’t use the sugar. Or use half the amount of sugar and add maybe half a point or a whole point (or 4 pints if you’d drink the entire recipe, like me.) Hmmmmm…speaking of, it’s 5pm somewhere and I have 2 giggling 7 year olds climbing on my furniture…sign me up! (Mommy Kim, I swear, if you are reading… they are being really good…!)

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