ladies of the canyon

as i sit here, baking cookies (i believe the cookbook calls them ranger crispies) for our little playdate tomorrow, i was thinking about part of a song i love called — you guessed it — ladies of the canyon (from the album of the same name by the brilliant joni mitchell, a singer songwriter whom i adore and who never fails to make BS leave the room, as he thinks her singing sounds like the cry of the wounded wildebeest.)

i’m wondering if the ladies are still alive and well and living their earthmother existences. there’s trina, the artist, sewing lace on widows weeds/and filigree on leaf and vine (i’ll take the category evocative in only 11 words, alex); estrella, the songwriter who is probably stevie nicks’ older sister; and my favorite, annie the homemaking baking machine:

Annie sits you down to eat
She always makes you welcome in
Cats and babies round her feet
And all are fat and none are thin
None are thin and all are fat
She may bake some brownies today
Saying, you are welcome back
She is another canyon lady

are they all people from mitchell’s past? are they all facets of joni? i remember once reading a historical work about of laurel canyon and yet i can’t remember whether my questions were answered.

what a freaky neighborhood. i’d fit right in. well, that is, if there’s room for a poker-playing mom.

[today, i am thinking about some of the women of rock — the women subjects of some of my favorite songs. no reason. it isn’t women of rock day or anything like that. just felt like it. i’ll attempt to write about these ladies in the next few days, and i’m also interested in any suggestions you’ve got.]


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