meme me

in the words of woody from cheers:


my friend kelly went to jamaica and brought me back this lousy t-shirt. (wait, that’s not what i meant to say.) my friend kelly, aka o for obsessive girl, tagged me with this meme. now, i like restaurants as much as the next grrl; of course, when i have hellboy in tow, it’s a 50-50 shot as to whether we’ll make it to places that don’t have a kiddy menu.

that being said, hellboy is the more adventurous eater. he loves salmon tikka and indian food; he happily goes to vietnamese and thai restaurants; and girlfriend, bring on the salsa, nachos and chips when this underweight dude is around! BC, on the other hand… well, her idea of spices runs the gamut from salt to pepper. and please, can we avoid the pepper while we are thinking of it? seriously, she eats pad thai and chicken satays at our favorite vietnamese places, but lordy lordy, girlfriend should become saint macaroni of cheese. kraft-o-matic is her favorite food. boil it up, stir in milk and margarine, and mmm, MMM! dats good eatin’.

once upon a time, i tried to put together a family-friendly restaurant listing in DC. feel free to add to it, as i don’t make my way often to the otherworld (read: maryland).

but i digress. (insert shock and awe here.)

here are the rules:

  • link to the person who tagged you.
  • include the state and country you live in.
  • list top five favorite local restaurants.
  • tag five other people and let them know they’ve been tagged.

here in the people’s republic of arlington, there’s a lot of variety. that being said, with the giant condo-i-zation of the orange line corridor, a lot of my favorites have thrown up their hands and moved or died (cafe dalat!! i still mourn your empty storefront everytime i drive down clarendon!) so here goes:

1) l’auberge chez francois. great falls, va. ooh la la, i really am not a fan of french cuisine, vraiment. but a dear friend of ours gave us a gift certificate to spend on dinner anywhere we wanted. we researched the idea for 3 months and decided on this place. we then proceeded to wait a few months for our reservation. it’s THAT popular. but OH. the setting is divine. the food is divine. and how wonderful it was to feel like a rich person when BS and my combined income was soooooo negligible.

2) crystal thai. arlington, va. i think they have the very freshest thai food in the whole DC area. i love the native outfits the servers wear. and their pad thai is ABSOLUTELY the best i have ever tasted. and sadly, i have tasted a lot of pad thai.

3) aditi. georgetown, dc. generally speaking, wild horses cannot make me willingly drive into georgetown. there are only two reasons i will. one is when BS takes me on a date there and stops here. sadly, my beloved burrito brothers is no longer here, but aditi — well, we’ll always have aditi.

4) thomas sweet. georgetown, dc. okay, okay. it isn’t really a restaurant. but when i moved to DC a zillion years ago, it was sooooo comforting to know i could get my favorite blend-in that i enjoyed in college right in georgetown. the only other reason to go to georgetown now that my pal M2K no longer lives there.

5) lebanese taverna, all over arlington, va. when i was preggers with jools and couldn’t stomach anything, i could stomach their falafel. and boy, did i stomach it. over 4 years later, the men at the counter still know me. i’m hoping it’s just cos they are friendly and have good memories, not because i am a major chowhound. yeah. that’s it.

so now, who can i tag?

1) my beloved m2k, who will kick my ass for doing this as soon as she is on this coast;

2) my also beloved scally, who i don’t fear since he is across the ocean in another country and is probably having too much fun to even update his blog (HINT HINT; and while we’re at it — where are my damn hobnobs, David???);

3) my friend Ros, who is even further afield in africa;

4) my friend Rick, who really will come down here and kick my ass (and so i’m shaking in my boots at the moment); and finally, the newest blogger on the block,

5) Jaxx. she can dance. she can jump high.


11 Responses to “meme me”

  1. You know, I’ve been dying to go to L’Auberge chez Francois for ages. I should make it a priority!

  2. oy vey. i’ll have to do this later. u want 5 restaurants in DC or in SF?

  3. thanks. somedays, we all are lemmings. please don’t kick my lemming ass 🙂

  4. notdancingqueen Says:

    Tomorrow. But first (also tomorrow at this late point in the evening – I’m sleepy…) I need to write a post about today and how sweet Jools was with Katie. But let us be clear – the best part was when he – very visibly – realized who I was. I’m talking light bulb-appears-overhead recognition. It went something like this: “HEY – we trashed your house!!” 😀 😀

  5. yep. that’s my boy! he never forgets a place he destroys.

    and lord, they really, truly, trashed your basement, something for which i am eternally sorry.

    how’s that purple paint working for ya?

  6. Mmm…pad thai…I think I know what I’m having for lunch today. Nope, I know what I’ll do…the boys are off to boy scout camp next week, so maybe we’ll use one of our girls’ nights out to venture forth and get thai food. Yeah, that’s what we’ll do. *nods*

  7. mmm. i’m coming to dinner at your house 🙂

  8. notdancingqueen Says:

    ok. Done. You now have some of my most cherished Annapolis secrets!

  9. […] July 6, 2007 at 9:54 pm · Filed under Meme, Food I am so past hip that I had to look up the definition of Meme… Her Wreke-ness tagged me with this Meme. […]

  10. I just now noticed I was tagged… and I will pass. We rarely go out to eat (being unemployed will do that); I barely update my own blogs including our food blog. sorry.

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