jesus wept. and G-d laughs Her Ass off.

somedays, i just look up at the sky and wonder what the hell i did. and no, not even on days like today, when i find out that my trough level (the level of my immunoglobulins post my first treatment) is still low. i’m not skee-eerd. after all, i figure it will take a few treatments before someone jumps up and down and screams, woohoo, it’s working.

but meanwhile, back at the ranch…

1) i continue to do lice checks on girlfriend’s hair. nevermind i only usually find one or two eggs each day and no live lice. i am determined to hit a week where i find nothing, nada. and believe me, lice checks suck. i have to sit there and go through every bit of BC’s topical real estate to find anything. it’s hard, and i am noticing that my 40+ year old eyes are squealing like someone is dragging them uphill.

for those keeping score, here are things we’ve done to get rid of lice.

a) use OTC Nix/Rid product (2 treatments) that probably will ensure that BC will grow another head. [check]

b) put olive oil on head and sleep in shower cap. [check]

c) put original listerine on head, shove hair in shower cap, then let it dry. [check] [and if you’re wondering, yes, your hair smells like original listerine for days afterwards.]

d) buy tea tree shampoo and conditioner. use daily. [check] [smells somewhat like original listerine. ugh.]

e) bag every non-washable item in BC’s room for several weeks. [check]

f) wash every washable item in BC’s room in hot water and hot dryer. on a 90 degree day. [check]

so, one would think that all this effort made a deep impression on BC, as in, “gee, mama really wants these things to get the hell out of our life.”

but noooooo.

BC is in a camp called dance around the world; and yesterday, she informed me, was bollywood day. (and yes, i must tape her doing her bollywood dance moves. i nearly peed myself laughing on that one.) i’m not quite sure why, but in her infinite wisdom, BC decided to dump what appears to be a metric ton of silver glitter IN HER HAIR. this stuff is STUCK TO HER SCALP. and guess what? it makes it VERY FUCKING HARD TO DO A LICE CHECK.

so BS, if you’re reading this, let it be known that i was not supposed to tell daddy. (she meant verbally, so i think i’m covered.) but rest assured, girlfriend is washing her hair in the loathed tea tree shampoo/conditioner duo for the rest of the week.

and she has already incurred the wrath of mama(TM) .

but wait, there’s more.

2) a most adorable little dude is celebrating his second birthday, and i am honored to be baking cake for 60+ people. jools is home with me today, and we’re having a great time (now is quiet time, so i can type on my laptop and he can play Freddy Fish on the other computer). a great time other than a slight mishap.

we were mixing cake number one. jools had his big spoon and was stirring the batter as i was hooking up my portable hand mixer. we used my biggest bowl, one where the kids can stir a decent distance from anything i might be doing. so as i was reminding him, just as THE WORDS WERE LEAVING MY MOUTH, words that said DON’T EVER PUT THE SPOON IN THE MIXER WHILE THE MIXER IS GOING, jools did the unthinkable. he put the spoon in the mixer.


and then, the mighty mixer, the mixer that had survived for nearly 18 years, broke. never to go again.

once i made sure that he was absolutely fine, i barked at him for not listening to my words. and he cried, cried, cried, cried, cried.

so G-d, if you’re listening. can you get me kids who listen to me occasionally and think?

oh, and a handmixer would be nice, too.


One Response to “jesus wept. and G-d laughs Her Ass off.”

  1. Oh nooooo, your mixer!!

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