better living through lice

it finally happened.

for weeks, if not months, one of BC’s buddies has had lice. it never seemed to go away. then, several other girls in her class got it. then, the girl who sits next to BC got it. i was beginning to wonder — how on earth has this gotten out of hand?

just as soon as i wrote an email to the school parent’s email list, i noticed BC scratching. sure enough, we saw what looked like lice eggs. and after everyone in this house was thoroughly checked, it appeared that i, too, had lice. ugh. we both shampooed with nix and spent the night with olive oil on our heads. by the morning, i smelled like a sickly salad dressing.

in the morning, i didn’t see many eggs in her hair. she was too afraid to look in mine. but, not knowing the school policy, i figured i would go in to school with her and visit the school nurse. the school nurse looked in BC’s hair and was impressed by her lack of lice. i asked the nurse to look in my head, too. hahaha, she said. you just have dandruff.

i have never been so happy to broadcast to the world that i merely have dandruff.

children are allowed back in school if they’ve been treated, so BC was told to go to class. i’m feeling rather mixed about this. i wonder whether the epidemic would have been slowed had a few kids stayed home a little bit. i really feel for the parents, though — i completely understand what an incredible pain in the ass it is to clean your house to this extent. i am not joking when i say i have done about 30 loads of laundry in a 24 hour period.

–insert scream here —

anyway, i spent an entire day putting most of BC’s belongings either in a hot laundry/hot dryer combo or bagging them in hefty bags (where they will stay for two-three weeks.) i’m bummed that i finally had cleaned my living room to the point where i could see floor again and start inviting people over my home without feeling fearful that a wrecking crew would be summoned to my house. now, there are about 16 bags in my living room. waah!

i’ve also been cleaning my stuff, too. i am not taking any chances.

i wonder how many calories i have burnt up in housework over the past week?


3 Responses to “better living through lice”

  1. My sympathies are totally with you…V got lice last fall, and her lovely long hair pretty much ensured that we would be combing FOREVER AND EVER. AND EVER. It became my full-time evening and weekend hobby. Oh, besides doing laundry, that is.

    The good news is that some of the stuff I bagged up was not missed, so it quietly found a new home. Gotta find the silver lining somewhere!

  2. ::doing happy dance about seeing things quietly disappear in my house::

    i have a dream.

    i even said to BC last night, “doesn’t your room seem so much airier and roomier now that all that stuff is out of it?”

    “yes, mama,” she replied. “and you can hear my voice ECHOOOOOOOOO.”

    you know where this one is going. you’re a clever mom 😉

  3. […] there was a time i wrote abstracts because describing articles in 100 words was more fun than delousing my daughter’s hair. (sadly, that opportunity — the abstract writing website — has gone belly-up, at least […]

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