many, many more reasons why i’m the worst mom ever

1) i let BC sing along with the gang of four. pity she continues to sing it as i love a man in a unicorn.

2) when moving away from my crazeeee homemade mix to the safer realm of BIG100, i let BC sing along. only, too bad for me. years and years of classic rock playing in the car have taught her the lyrics to feel like makin’ love. yep.  she sang THAT gem at the top of her lungs. thank G-d she doesn’t know what it means. yet.

3) i slipped some tofu into my family’s life. yep. BS hates nuts, so i found a pesto recipe that uses tofu. i clued BS in afterwards; the kids are still in the dark. everyone liked it (though i think the lemon juice in it makes it taste a little weird.)

yep. worst. mom. ever.


4 Responses to “many, many more reasons why i’m the worst mom ever”

  1. Heather and Todd used to incorporate “Feel Like Makin’ Love” into one of their songs, but Heather sang it as “Feel Like Takin’ Drugs.” So, could be worse!

    Relatedly, you could always tell BC that the lyrics are actually “Feel like giving hugs”….

  2. Anya’s current favorite is It’s Raining Men by The Weather Girls – I’m not sure if it’s better or worse than when I taught her (at age 3) to make the Loser sign with her thumb and pointer finger when singing Smash Mouth’s All Star.

  3. LOL about singing along to words. I have a cousin who’s a drummer in a band and one of the songs on their CD is called “Beer Shot”. It’s about a ‘crazy little tavern… down the pike… only thing they ever serve is BEER SHOT BEER SHOT BEER SHOT BEER.” And YES, my darling children sing along! Such a proud parenting moment. They also know the lyrics to more than one Beastie Boys song.

  4. all hilarious! it’s comforting to know i am not the only weird mom out there whose kids know the words to things like “blitzkrieg bop”.

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