the second-grade tango

this morning, when i dropped BC off at school, her little buddy ran over with a look of panic that meant something was very, very wrong. she whispered in BC’s ear, and BC’s face suddenly fell to the ground. i asked her what happened.

BC: today, we have to dance the tango in music class!


BC: we have to dance with boys. what if X picks me as his partner!!!??

i should explain. X is the one boy in the world that BC truly cannot stand. as in, if her brother and X were the last two boys on earth, she would sooner throw genetic mutational concerns to the wind and marry her brother before she even considered X. X has actually slapped her (yes, i went to the principal’s office on that one), teases her mercilessly, and follows her around. in short, he has a bizarre little crush on BC, the sort that makes no sense because 8 year old boys really have no idea what they are feeling. so i get it. i wished her luck with her day and moved on with mine.

so, what about the tango?

BC: i danced with Y.

how lucky, i remarked.

BC: it wasn’t luck, mama. see, i had to go pee just a little bit, so when X was asked to pick a girl partner, i raised my hand and was excused to go to the bathroom. when i came back, i got to dance with Y.

i high-fived my girl. she is one clever little minx.


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