the plague

meet strep #1 and strep #2. yep. both kids were swabbed on friday and came up positive for strep. (i already was on antibiotics, so here’s hoping that i don’t create a super-breed of strep in the process.) so BC missed her softball picnic yesterday, and all of us didn’t go to friends’ for dinner. it was a major bummer. adding to the bummer, the softball coach was out, so BS had to coach softball anyway AND then work the grill in the hot sun from 12-1. (he has a major burn.)

the bright spot in the day was a surprise visit from nylonthread and her wonderful daughter. sure, my kids were still in pajamas and i looked like hell. but none of that mattered. the kids were so delighted to have another kid (also on antibiotics with a brother with strep) in the mix!

thanks so much for coming by! hope the state of the house didn’t make you sick, too!


5 Responses to “the plague”

  1. Yeah, this weekend can pretty much kiss my ass. I thought about having a plague play-date, too, but Liam is throwing up with The Strep. Yuck!

  2. i’m so sorry to hear that 😦 the antibiotic is bugging the kids’ tummys. mine, too 😦 i hope liam gets better soon!!!

  3. Rosie really had fun with BC! She was talking about it for the rest of the day. Sorry for leaving jools out for some of the girlier play. And yeah, this weekend was a true bust. A highlight in our abode: Rosie and I watched Mulan about 5 times. That girl really kicked those Hun-ny buns! (quoting Eddie Murphy as Moo-shoo)

  4. mulan is my hero πŸ™‚

    and no worries on the girly-play front. having two older brothers, i was often left out of the “boy play” end of things. and i didn’t become a serial killer (yet, anyway.)

    so glad you stopped by! it really made the afternoon a lot happier πŸ™‚

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