happy birthday, julian pie

our neighbor has season tix to see the (cough cough) nationals. i happened to be returning from grocery shopping in the 90 degree heat when he stopped me and asked me if i wanted his tickets for 5/30 since he was about to hop a plane for a business trip in an hour. (in that case, the ice cream can melt, thankyouverymuch.) oh, and did he mention i could have his parking pass, too? oh, and the seats — right behind home plate in the 300 level. “does your family like baseball?” he asked. ha. enough that it was a negotiation point before we got married 😉

so for julian’s birthday, we went to see the nats get clobbered by the dodgers (well, they only lost 5-0 this time. the night before was worse.) but how often do you get amazing seats — and a parking pass — for free? throw in the racing presidents and you’ve got some fine entertainment, even if the kids don’t quite understand why RFK doesn’t have a playground like Philly or Bowie. of course, my kids and husband wore their phillies phinest. fortunately, no one lynched them.

thank you, mr. p. and happy birthday, julian pie.


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