the benefits of randomness

i’m attending weight watchers meetings now (yes, go and laugh all you want. i gotta get some of this weight from the steroids off me, so i’m doing what i’ve got to do.) the leader was talking this week about the benefits of planning, which, when you’ve got a bit of weight to lose, is certainly a good thing to do. she asked us to think about our best vacation. surely, she said, it was good because you took the time to plan it and do what you wanted to do.

well, yes and no.

when we were younger and childless, sometimes, BS and i would just get in the car and wind up somewhere. we ended up exploring historic places, seeing farms, or just sort of enjoying the ride. the weight watchers leader would pooh-pooh this sort of thinking, as it wouldn’t illustrate her point too well. i kept my mouth shut.

and now i’m remembering the best vacation BS and i had (pre-kids, once again): renting a flat in london for a week, then taking the chunnel train to paris and renting a place for a week there.

i adore london, and i could go on ad nauseum on the reasons why. i’ll refrain. but also on that trip, we took the train one day to bath to see the ruins; we took the train one day to canterbury to see the cathedral. one of the best memories i have was the decision, random as it was, to get off the train on the way back from canterbury in the middle of nowhere. we walked and found a village that was having a little fair. we toured the outside grounds of a stately home and wandered around til we decided we’d best find the train back. it’s crazy when i think of it now; and i don’t even think we ever learned the name of the village.

but it remains one of my most favorite days.


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