best. toy. ever.

BC was home sick from school today. she’s been barking like a seal, her throat is a mess, and she hasn’t been eating a whole lot due to nausea. we hit the doctor’s office, where she was swabbed and pronounced initially strep-free, but she now has a five-day course of steroids to help her lung inflammation go down. so she feels relatively ok (well enough to cajole me into buying her brittney spears-like purple sunglasses while waiting at eckerd for her meds. yeah, well, i guess the girl needed sunglasses, and they DO provide 100% UV protection… right?) she painted and bejeweled a little musical jewelry box for fun. and then?


BC loveloveloves the swiffer. she swiffered the upstairs bathroom, she swiffered the kitchen, the dining area — why, she swiffered the dust bunnies under BS’s and my bed [motto: jimmy hoffa was here, but now he’s gone.] i thought i’d achieved nirvana when jools got a toy dirt devil for chrismakah, but was sadly disappointed when the damn thing kept falling apart and didn’t really pick up a lot of dirt (don’t judge me — a girl can dream, right?) so the day i bought the swiffer was a banner day around here.

BC has asked to swiffer aplenty ever since. i’m paying her a little for her efforts, but i’m thrilled that she actually likes doing this.

pity she won’t do windows…

One Response to “best. toy. ever.”

  1. Sorry to hear that BC’s lungs were acting up. Have the steriods worked? And, what a joy that your kids like to clean! I’m trying to instill a “cleaning is fun!” attitude with my kids by gently encouraging any of their inclinations. Got any tips?

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