mothers of intervention

i really had a lovely mother’s day. i got cards, a lovely bouquet of tulips and irises, a beaded hairband BC picked out for me from her annual “pick out a mother’s day present at the taylor fair” experience (i’ve gotten all sorts of things in previous, years, including a doll from mexico), a certificate showing i’ve adopted a prairie dog at the national zoo, and a trip to six flags (complete with a $42 lunch at chez papajohns which was truly vile. next time, we’re bringing our own food to the park.) we were going to go out to dinner saturday night, but i didn’t feel up to it. another day, perhaps. (hell, anytime we go out to dinner and i don’t have to cook is mother’s day in my book.)

we had to run home from six flags so that we could sign BC up for the swim team at our local swim club, which costs about a college fund each year to join. they gave us the wrong time, sadly, so we had to return to the swarm about an hour later for the privilege of forking over cash and paper. “have you ever seen so many blonde people?” i asked BC.

and it’s true. i think our pool club is not terribly diverse. it does, however, possess parents who are single-mindedly attempting to ensure that their children have the best of the best of the best. i’ve avoided this environment for years. i am really, really hoping this year changes my mind. see, i’ve been a member of this swim club now for about 7 years. other than another family we know from before, we have never, ever made one friend there. it’s not like we’re unfriendly. but between the very-working-mother-unfriendly schedules (that kept BC off the swim team up until this year) coupled with the very family-unfriendly schedule (sat mornings the pool is usually closed for a swim meet; every sunday morning is adult-only breakfast and swim until 1 pm), we almost never get an opportunity to actually swim in the pool much. i guess the optimal swim family consists of kids over 11 who have a nanny to take them to the pool.

anyway, this experience led to another one of my favorite things to do, which i was able to do for a short while, on mother’s day. work on my second novel 🙂


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