top ten favorites

kelly o has put a fun challenge together: what are your 10 favorite songs? i am hard pressed to pick ten. i’ll give it a shot.

norwegian wood
my most favorite song in all the world. don’t know what that says about me, considering its about a man who burns his lover’s house down. pity there’s no actual video, though this one is fun to watch. [see ringo smoke. see ringo fall. fall, ringo, fall.]

gimme shelter
as anyone who reads this regularly, i’ve discussed this one before.

rhapsody in blue
gershwin was a genius. it’s so hard to pick just one song. but this would definitely be it.

the video is lame, but the song is great. steveland remains an inspiration.

dancing barefoot
patti smith. mystical, lyrical, emotional.

clair de lune
debussy’s masterpiece. i love it even more with an orchestra, but the you tube videos with full orchestra featured the most ridiculous graphics ever. and besides, this gentleman’s violin playing is sublime.

i never loved a man
re-re is the queen. ’nuff said.

little wing
our wedding song 🙂

knock on wood
sure, amii stewart did a fun disco version of this one, but eddie floyd is the man. pity stax didn’t do more with him. probably the theme song of my life.

oh, piss off. i would have put “if i didn’t love you” here if there had only been a video. that song, plus this one, helped me survive high school. don’t ask.

probably the other song that would be my theme song. this is the only clip available of this one, and it cuts off the second half of the song, which is my favorite part:

Hello, baby hello
Open up your heart and let your feelings flow
You’re not unlucky knowing me
Keeping the speed real slow
In any case I set my own pace
By stealing the show, say hello, hello

it’s not exactly one of sir elton’s most famous songs. but i love the words.

okay, okay. so i picked 11. math is hard 😉

runners up include joni mitchell’s woodstock, elvis costello’s you belong to me, gramdmaster flash’s the message, REM’s can’t get there from here, golden paliminos little suicides, sheryl crow’s my favorite mistake and springsteen’s murder incorporated and out in the street. oh yeah. and how could i forget a girl like you, beauty and sadness and alone at midnight by the smithereens? and split enz’s message to my girl? precious by the pretenders? [ok, i’ll stop.]

anyone else want to share?

6 Responses to “top ten favorites”

  1. Oh, Aretha! How could I have forgotten her on my list? I worship her!

    This was a fabulous list of songs.

  2. as everyone should. although whenever i think of her, i think of the aretha and her cheetos story (i wish i could find a link to it online. in short, i read somewhere that her piano wasn’t working right, and when they cleaned the keys, they found like a pound of cheetos dust.)

    all hail aretha!

  3. Hey, I feel so left out that I can’t see the vids now that YouTube has been firewalled. And, BTW, I love DeBussy! I always wanted to learn to play Clair de Lune, but once I got past the first movement, it got too complicated for me wee nubs. I’m sure it’s a great list, you have excellent taste! I’ll try linking at home where I have no firewall, but a crappy connection.

  4. if you can find it for piano and flute, i would give it a go with you, though i haven’t played my flute seriously for quite some time 😉

  5. […] top ten favorite songs […]

  6. pandabox33 Says:

    Oh Fun ! I’m going to do this one myself, it might be quite difficult to choose only 10 songs.
    Debussy is moving isn’t he…

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