my first dose of gammaglobulin – magically delicious

this just in for CVID Central:

i seem to be quite fine after my first IVIG treatment today. i sat for about 4.5 hours, as i had three bottles of yummy Gammaguard (c) to get through. the nurse couldn’t get the IV into my hand, so i had a little bit of pain when she was jabbing around, to no avail. then, they brought in another nurse, who was able to set my IV in my arm. i fear my veins are just no longer interested in needles. (too bad for them.) i asked the nurse if she could also slide some mojito in there for good measure. (can’t fault a girl for trying, i guess.)

anyway, i’m a little headache-y and my stomach feels off thanks to 600 mg of motrin, but look, ma — no anaphylectic shock! (the claritin worked!)  i’m pretty tired though. the nurse described it as having a whole bunch of immunizations at once, from your body’s perspective, so she said that i might feel off for the next 48 hours.

that’s the thrilling news to report. sometimes with me, boring news is the best.


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