mmmmm. chocolate and coconut

ok. no one has to tell me that coconut is horrible for you. and no one also has to tell me that sweetened, condensed milk is like a heart-attack in a can with a side order of a diabetic coma.  but this week is teacher appreciation week, and since one of the days requires a baked good of sorts, well, let’s just say i cannot resist a baking opportunity. (and what better way to say thank you to BC’s teachers than with something that might hasten their demise?

well, we pretty much *heart* BC’s teachers around here, yes indeedy do. so i looked for a recipe on that at least masqueraded as health food (to soothe my besieged maternal conscience); and lo and behold, a recipe beckoned that would be easy to accomplish with BC and jools in tow: chewy chocolate-coconut macaroons. we talked about how yucky unsweetened chocolate was (no one believed me) and how equally yucky unsweetened cocoa was (once again, no one bought it). BC loves coconut; jools says, and i quote, “it’s dis-GUSTING!”) but they were easy to make, bake, and get off the paper.

of course, i find an easy recipe that 50% of my house will never eat. (BS loathes coconut, too.) so much for that.


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