feeling generous? care about heart health?

BC is jumping rope in the american heart association’s jump rope for heart fundraiser. donate online if you are so inclined (and thank you very much if you do!) — it’s tax deductible! [contact me if you want to donate online – the link they have goes away after a certain time, and unless you know BC’s name, which i’m not publishing here, you won’t know how to search for her.]

we feel particularly inclined to donate on this one because heart disease is something that is quite prevalent in my family. hopefully, it isn’t in your’s. but in short, here’s my mini-lecture:

get your blood pressure checked.

eat a decent diet.

if you are having chest pains, for G-d’s sake don’t ignore them.

there. lecture over 🙂


One Response to “feeling generous? care about heart health?”

  1. Oh crap! I was just going back through my starred items on Google’s feed reader and realized that I starred this to go back to it and then totally spaced! Dammit. Is it too late?

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