grosse point blank is one of those movies i could watch on a loop. the soundtrack kicks; the plot and dialogue is chockabloc with tight, hysterically-wound moments, and of course, john cusack is in it. fortunately for someone like me, who isn’t doing a whole lot these days thanks to my knee, it’s also played practically weekly, so i TIVO’d it and watched it this afternoon.

watching it of made me think about reunions (since, for the two of you out there who probably never saw it — and that includes you, mom — it involves a 10-year high school reunion.) my own high school class had a five-year reunion which i did not attend (i hadn’t gotten over certain people — or myself — at that point in time); subsequent attempts for a reunion have never materialized, though people talk about it wildly on places like my 20th college reunion this year is happening (insert shock and awe here), and i will also pass on that. i keep in solid touch with my good friends from college (including BS, who i see daily); there are only a few curiousities out there who i will likely never see. compounding the issue is the fact that while officially, i affiliated with douglass college (i got into both rutgers and douglass; douglass had guaranteed housing, so i decided to go there), i was most heavily involved with activities and people at rutgers college. so i would sooner attend a rutgers college reunion, not a douglass college reunion (especially since the university is apparently turning my college into essentially a dormitory choice.)

that being said, there are so many people i miss and who i wish i could see again. what i really wish i could do is have a smallish reunion weekend of sorts, renting a hotel, having a dance party on saturday night, that sort of thing. i guess i ought to organize that in my copious free time. but gosh, at least a girls’ weekend with my friends would be amazing — a slumber party of sorts with my friends.

now i’m getting maudlin. perhaps there are funnier things to read out there in the blogosphere. okay. move along. who knows: maybe dooce is talking about bowel movements or her dog, chuck. it just doesn’t get much better than that, you know.


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