uncle buck and nightly hallucinations

last night, i couldn’t sleep. again. i think it’s the levaquin.

but in my nonsleep, i devised what i thought to be a hysterical idea for a truly subversive children’s book. see, we in this house love subversive books for kids. i *heart* roald dahl, dr. seuss, and lots of others. a recent discovery is lauren child and her clarice bean books (oh, my holy hell, avoid charlie and lola, the confection she cooked up for disney.) i just like books that say to kids, heheheh, the grownups think they know everything. but here’s the truth, and only we young folks know it. and these authors get it.

[note to self: you’ll probably regret this once the kids are teens.]

anywho, i had an idea for a story that really cracked me up at about 11 p.m. it was rather sordid and probably more appropriate for kids who are, oh, i dunno, 40.

BS has pointed out to me that i’ve sort of re-done Uncle Buck.

perhaps i ought to step away from the computer at such hours until i can actually think.


One Response to “uncle buck and nightly hallucinations”

  1. Uncle Buck rocked!! I loved that movie. If you evoke Uncle Buck, under any moniker, in a subversive tale, you can only add to the genre that is fiction for children.

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