nervous night

just a note to anyone out there in tv-land. on tuesday, i am having knee surgery, so i probably won’t have the ability to write much. (well, i’m SURE i’ll have the ability to write plenty, but considering i will probably be a bit medicated, i think it’d be safer if i self-censor. otherwise, i’m liable to say things far grosser or scarier or more incriminating than usual.)

thanks for all the kind wishes out there. this isn’t a major surgery; but considering the conditions i have, i am a bit terrified about little things, like infections, that can really cause me some problems.

of course, when i’m nervous, i self-medicate eat. fortunately, my buddy maren sent me an edible fruit basket, (i would have taken a picture of it before i tore it apart, but the battery on my camera went completely kaput.) so at least i have some healthy things to inhale. [thanks, m2k!]

anyway, hopefully, we’ll catch up real soon.

peace, love, and donny osmond,




2 Responses to “nervous night”

  1. wishing you well for your surgery; take care of yourself.

  2. I hope everything goes well! (Of course, it will be fine. But medical procedures are nerve-wracking at the least.) Healing thoughts to you.

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