mix the dad with the coconut and snort it all up

last week, my hero, keith richards, the man who can survive tours with mick jagger, nuclear holocausts, and falls out of tropical foliage, noted that he had snorted his dad’s ashes up with some blow. now, he is noting that this was, in fact a joke: according to his website, he planted his dad’s ashes with a “sturdy oak.”

apparently, keith’s mum is battling cancer and didn’t appreciate the thought of her departed former husband going up her son’s nose.

i find it encouraging that there is at least one person on the planet who might make keith shit himself publicly. but, as sean lennon once said, “when you die, you become a part of everything.”

and i sure as hell still believe that mr. richards senior is probably part of his son’s bloodstream.

in a word, ewww.

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