fish stick tacos

on friday, BS was home, as he was feeling a little under the weather. by lunchtime, we thought we would go out to lunch, especially since shortly, my diet will be limited by the joys of passover. we settled on an old standby, santa fe cafe, in rosslyn. of course, we’ve always been there at dinner and never at lunch, so it was a bit of a shock to see that the restaurant is mostly a carry-out operation at that hour. nevertheless, we figured we’d stay and eat. after all, they had fish tacos as a special (something BS adores), and i can get a bean and cheese burrito anywhere.

i sat, waiting for our number to be called. i stared at the military plaques that adorn part of the wall. i didn’t notice them the last time we ate there. we sat under a piece of the flag that apparently flew over the US embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan during Operation Something-Or-Another. wow. i knew they gave out ones that flew over the Capitol; i guess giving official flags away is now a cottage industry for the military. it made me a bit queasy.

finally, our food was ready. i opened the foil up, and my burrito completely came undone. it was literally the same refried beans they serve as a side dish. if there was any cheese on it, i was not aware of any. so i wrestled with this really nondescript bean burrito. meanwhile, i looked up to see my husband’s puzzled face. apparently, a fish taco at santa fe cafe is actually a taco filled with fish sticks, lettuce, tomatoes, a little cheese. oh, and a side of tartar sauce.

maybe they make such fare for the troops in Kabul?


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