the perils of classic rock, take two

i just put BC to bed with what seems to be an ear infection. she’s in a bit of pain, and i have the feeling i’ll be up a few times tonight.

so, of course, i have to focus on something mildly amusing.we were driving to softball practice earlier today (before the ear situation arose), and david bowie’s rebel rebel came on the radio. the kids love this song — who wouldn’t — and were singing the chorus. of course, i don’t know which version raised my eyebrows more: BC singing: “hot dog, i love you so” or jools singing: “hot tramp, i love you so.”

my daughter is well on her way to bowdlerizing modern music. i imagine there is a job waiting for her at the kidz bop company. meanwhile, my son is singing something that really is a wildly inappropriate utterance for a 3.5 year old. however, it reminds me of when i was his age and i listened to the hair soundtrack nonstop on my little record player in the basement. i especially loved singing what i thought were the words to one song in particular [if you’re easily offended by sexual terms, don’t click the link]. (and no, at 5, i had no idea what the title meant, either. i just liked the music.) i walked around the house singing this song for years, and no one said boo to me. when i was old enough and i could look up the words, i was horrified to learn what they meant and i never sang the song again.

my mother is one of those people who believes that when a kid is old enough and figures things out, the kid’ll act appropriately. if you make a big stink out of things, though, then the kid will fixate on the issue and you’ll never hear the end of it. i guess i’m in the same camp, especially since you won’t catch me singing that song ever again.

3 Responses to “the perils of classic rock, take two”

  1. HA! I had a similar experience with a Bob Dylan song on a record of my dad’s: “Rainy Day Women”. I used to LOVE singing that song when I was a pre-teen! I think it might be about (let’s whisper it) *getting stoned*.

  2. LOLOLOL! yet another reason why we’re friends 😉

  3. […] the perils of classic rock, take two […]

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