my next gig…

…is this.

seriously, in two weeks, i’m going for arthroscopic surgery. while ice skating last week, i fell and managed to tear my meniscus AND my PCL. apparently, 90% of people tear their ACL; i managed to be in that great 10% for the PCL, which the dr. said takes a little longer for surgery and for repair. of course. so i don’t want to hear anyone talking about how i step in shit and up comes a daisy (and you two know who you are). i step in shit and a few thousand dollars later, i am the semi-bionic woman 😉

it’s outpatient, no big deal, at least from the surgical perspective.

i am the very model of a modern medical miracle.


3 Responses to “my next gig…”

  1. ARGH! On the other hand, as I said earlier, what are you supposed to do? Wrap yourself in bubblewrap? Great role model for the kids.

  2. Wow, sorry to hear about your fall. Sounds painful! ;(

  3. […] of you who’ve been here for awhile remember the ice skating debacle of 2007 and know that i get a little gunshy about ice skating. nevermind that preteen wreke went skating […]

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