kicking darla out of the he-man woman-haters treehouse. in reverse.

jools is home with me today. we spent nearly two hours outside ripping out ivy, digging, riding bikes, and, in my case, getting a wicked headache which will require plenty of antihistimine power as well as tylenol. we had to go in because jools was having such a great time, he forgot about the little issue of needing a bathroom. oops.

but before that happened, i witnessed something wonderful. jools, you see, figured out how to clamber up the ladder on the playhouse, push up the entry hatch, and climb into the treehouse. BC has held this treehouse over his head now for a few years, as in “you can’t come up here, n’yah n’yah, only girls allowed!” little hellboy was so proud of himself, he let himself out of the treehouse, slid down the slide, and then clambered up again. three times. just to prove to himself that he could do it.

BC is going to be in for a big surprise…

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