dear john mayer:

dear john,

writing to you this way reminds me a little bit of the modern-day version of judy garland gazing in a mirror and singing dear mr. gable to clark, though admittedly, you’d never mistake me for one of your gushy fans. for one thing, i’m old enough to be your, er, former babysitter. and, while it doesn’t bother me, in fact, i’m not as much a fan of your music as i am of the funny and warm persona in your blog. i mean, come on: your body is a wonderland will be a punch line that may follow you for years to come.

but i digress. anyway, i write because i can tell from your blog you’re a decent bloke, the kind of guy who’d come and sit on my porch with some good microbrews and debate who did the best cover of little wing (which i must tell you is probably a toss-up between clapton and stevie ray vaughan‘s version, even though they played sting’s sappy version at my wedding because it seemed to fit better. no offense, of course. i hear you covered it, too. ) you seem to be a mellow, funny guy who takes criticism decently.

so here goes. it’s about your song: waiting for the world to change. it’s got a decent groove and grows on one. but here’s my complaint: why the fuck are you waiting for the world to change? why aren’t you doing something to actually make the world change? it’s like a gen-x anthem — let’s just be bummed because the world sucks. one day, maybe someone will do something. in the meantime, i’ll just sit here with my latte and watch it all unfold. if you were trying to channel marvin gaye, you would have done a whole lot better just covering makes me wanna holler (inner city blues), even though you probably don’t have his particular street cred under your belt. still. marvin got pissed. he inspired people to act. he used this opportunity to reach people, to piss them off, to mobilize them. he didn’t encourage them that change is someone else’s gig.

just something to think about the next time you jump into music with a slightly heavier content.

as the queen of non sequitors, i would love to see you cover big star’s thirteen. but, as usual, i digress.

anyway, keep blogging. at this rate, i may even get an album. (see, i really AM old 😉

yours truly,


p.s. if you’re ever in our neck of the woods, stop by for a beer.


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