push the button

oh, to be a world citizen and enjoy the mayhem that is eurovision, the contest bemoaned by my beloved helsinki complaints choir. but i’m american, and like most americans, i have no bloody clue about this american idol-istic contest among a zillion nations for best song. now, mind you, i also have no idea why it inspires such fervor. maybe it started in france. maybe jerry lewis has something to do with it. i really don’t know.

but i’m astonished about the hubbub surrounding the israeli entry by a band called teapacks. it seems that the eurovision likes their songs with a side of milquetoast, please:

Eurovision is threatening to ban Israel’s entry for its annual song contest in because of its “inappropriate” political message. “Push the Button”, the song from one of Israel’s most experienced and popular bands, Teapacks, has lyrics that go to the heart of the country’s most prevalent security fears, but in tones tinged with irony. The words of the song – in English, French and Hebrew, – have already been interpreted as addressing fears of a strike by Iran as well as attacks by Palestinian militants. In one verse the band sing: “The world is full of terror/ If someone makes an error/ He’s gonna blow us up to biddy biddy kingdom come/ There are some crazy rulers they hide and try to fool us/ With demonic, technologic willingness to harm.”

Kjell Ekholm, an organiser of the contest, said: “It’s absolutely clear that this kind of message is not appropriate for the competition.” But the threat may say as much about Eurovision’s dogged preference for the bland at all costs as about the song itself.

duh. i think abba won for waterloo back in the day. i guess political content is not permitted, although apparently plenty of people in israel are afraid of iran blowing them to biddy biddy kingdom come, as the lyrics say; and if i were one of them, i would be, too. it’s not like the person in charge of iran hasn’t threatened to basically obliterate israel, and they apparently have some sort of nuclear program in development.

i wonder what iran’s entry will be. oh wait, i bet secular music isn’t permitted there.

4 Responses to “push the button”

  1. I used to love watch the Eurovision song contest. I think Finland has probably improved in recent years, but I always remember the judges’ announcement for Finland’s entry being “Finland, no points”, “Finlande, nul points”. Hilarious!

  2. maybe because the words have too many syllables 😉


  3. In 1982 the Finnish entry was a very political song solely about bombs, and nobody had a problem with that. Maybe because the bombs they feared weren’t Iranian but American.
    Yet again Israel is singled out.
    Please expose this hypocrisy.

    Enclosed is a link to the (very poorly translated) words to the Finnish entry back in 1982.
    The song title litterally means “Sleep while bombs are falling” ie to be unaware of imminent danger and/or oversleep.
    And here’s the hilariously inept video for the song

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