freedom to marry week: loudoun county

apologies for not posting yesterday and breaking the chain, so to speak. ya see, here in DC, we don’t deal well with precipitation. if there’s rain in the forecast, people start buying up bread and milk at Giant. if there’s snow, people make sure they have enough to keep them going for two weeks. and if there’s ice? whoo, doggies. people who can’t fly out of dulles are left cooling their heels in the podunk that is loudoun county (motto: we’re the fastest growing county in the usa, so please send us more mcmansion builders to clear out the cows!)

i talk about loudoun county, our neighbor to the west, because over the weekend, there was a great cry and gnashing of teeth over a student play about — gasp! — a high school football player’s homosexuality. the loudoun county delegate was horrified, as he believes the high school is being used to promote a homosexual lifestyle. his son-in-law, the loudoun county supervisor (cue Deliverance music here) was equally appalled. parents were emailing all sorts of horrified emails, according to the article. the upside of all of this, of course, is that more people are interested in the play.

my favorite quote in the Post article, though, comes from the Delegate:

“Within our public schools, there is a tendency to encourage homosexual activity, to portray it in a cute or favorable light,” Black said in an interview yesterday. “This is a considerable health hazard right now. If we encourage just one child to experiment and contract the HIV virus, then we have done an enormous disservice to our children.”

i can see it now. a gaggle of girls sitting at dulles town center mall, watching two men hold hands. “oh look,” susie says to sally and friends, “a gay couple — aren’t they just too CUUUUTTE? maybe they can go shoe shopping with us!”

okay, so i’m a little flip there. but seriously, what concerns me most is the idea that these people are so ignorant that they think HIV is a GAY DISEASE. and yes, i am screaming, because i am SO DAMN MAD THAT THERE ARE PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD WHO ARE LIVING IN 1985 AND HAVE NO IDEA THAT HIV IS NOT A GAY DISEASE. i realize they may have their heads up their rears to keep anyone from sticking something else in there, but if they’d take just a moment to remove them and breathe air, they could find out that HIV/AIDS is an epidemic that is taking the lives of plenty of heterosexuals the world over. newsflash: africa, folks. newsflash: southeast asia. newsflash: america. i can (sadly) keep on going.

maybe then, we’d have to have a bit more sex ed in the schools to help out with that issue. but of course, the children of these folks won’t have sex until they’re married at 42, so it’s unnecessary.

so i guess i did talk about marriage after all. huh.


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