toys in the attic

that would be wishful thinking at this point. plenty of toys are scattered in the family room, in the sun room, in the kids’ own rooms. i feel like there’s no room for any of my stuff anymore unless it is something acceptable to people under age 8.

currently, hellboy, who gave us more fun than we ever could have wanted last night by hitting 105.2F, is scattering paper butterflies all over the place from his new elefun. of course, he don’t need no stinkin’ trunk to scatter them. he just took the trunk off and is currently littering the world with red, green, and yellow faux thingies. he’s pretending it’s a leaf blower, which, while not something the game makers intended, might make for an interesting idea next fall.

that assumes, of course, that it survives until next fall. if it’s anything like the easy bake oven that BC got for chanukah, it’s got a life of about, er, 1 hour. see, BC decided to shove the plastic spatula-type thing into it, only it had the pan in it simultaneously. and now, it’s stuck beyond hope. one call to the nice folks at hasbro, though, who tried to walk me through fixing it while jools kept blowing me with the elefun (remove all heads from gutter, please), resulted in the nice folks at hasbro shipping out a replacement part, i.e., the entire oven and spatula. gratis. of course, it is backordered, so she probably won’t see this until her 14th birthday, by which time i hope i will trust her with the real, honest-to-G-d oven.

ah, burger meister meister burger, we hardly knew ye.


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