three entries in one day! sheesh!

so i’m wrapping chanukah prezzies this afternoon, and i decided to take myself away from the smiths (who are singing great words for a day like this: “love peace and harmony/are very nice, very nice very nice/maybe in the next world”) — and i had a brainstorm that has me in euphoria at the moment…

i found on rhapsody…


yes, the same chick i adored in high school (and none of my friends had ever heard of her, which shows i was a little freakish back then)… and i am now listening to probably one of my favorite albums of high school, Wave. and i’m listening to what must still be in my top ten favorite songs, dancing barefoot.

ok, i promise. radio silence for the remainder of the day as i return to wrapping hell. but i’m smiling 🙂


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