it’s 80’s week on the 4:30 movie!

just kidding (though those of you who grew up watching WABC-NY will understand the title.)

but i am deep in reveries this week. and while the production values are laughable, in finding this bit from my favorite kiwis, all i can say is: i **heart** the finn brothers.

of course, i have a soft spot for the wiggles when they covered this little wacky gem. i decided then and there that the wiggles were a step up from barney. if only a slight one 😉 admittedly, i still get choked up when the enz sing: “aw, c’mon all you lads. let’s forget and forgive. there’s a world to explore; tales to tell back on shore.”

and not many lyricists are secure enough to include the word Aotearoa.


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