i’m a homosapien, too. yeah.

so missus is practising her dance routine she’s choreographed herself for Brownies tomorrow. she can’t decide whether she’ll dance to “mickey” or “kids in america,” both of which are fortunately on a rhino compilation CD i have in my happy possession. we’re having a lot of fun, especially since we started dancing to “i love a man in a uniform.” but she just changed the CD over to “homosapien.”

mama, she asked, what’s a homosapien? now, i can answer this question in a scientific way with perfect validity. why, it could start up a conversation about science, about evolution, about all things lofty and good. but i don’t think that is at all what pete shelley had in mind.

but that’s ok. only a few songs above it is something even better. i dodged a super-duper sized bullet when she asked “mama, what’s a sex dwarf?”

“uhm, that song sucks, honey,” i replied. “let’s listen to kids in america again, k?”

yep. if you’re still counting, i am one step closer to bad parent hell.


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