i’m not funny today. sorry.

so i thought i was a happy little clam these past few days. i was spared blogging since NaBloPoMo was over (and i didn’t win any random prizes — sob!). i had great platelets yesterday. i was feeling pretty well.

then today, the immunologist called. the long story short: in his opinion, i am in the early stages of developing common variable immunodeficiency syndrome. i’m not in screaming need at the moment, but considering my allergies to a zillion antibiotics, coupled with my history and my antibody levels (i did produce some after those lovely immunizations (yay me!), but not what a healthy person would have done), it is probably in my near-future. i can think about this and decide whether i want to hop right into treatment (for basically the rest of my life) or whether i want to just be monitored for awhile and see how i do on my own (or until the next big health issue comes forward).

i just have to think.


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