slurpees gone wild

for those of you who can manage to scroll back all the way to nov. 21st (you can DO it!), you might recall that i promised mr. jools a slurpee should he keep his pants dry and clean all day. ok, so he had a slight mishap on thanksgiving day; otherwise, he has been a superchamp. so today, after school, we piled into the car, and the three of us had a slurpee party. nevermind we all had coke (ok, i had diet pepsi, which i secretly loathe but which was the only thing edible that fit in with my new food regime) slurpees, and as newly-caffeinated citizens, we will all be up until 3am tonight.

we brought aforementioned slurpees home in time to watch the humungus leaf sucker truck (as it is known in these parts) eat up the leaves in the street. jools at first was afraid the giant hose would suck him up, too. BC, meanwhile, wanted to get as close as possible to the hose to see inside it, making me very nervous. (it’s always feast or famine, huh.) and we sat and watched them as they slowly moved down our sleep. after our leaves were sucked up, we had the good fortune of seeing the men take the truck apart, as the truck broke down — someone put a plastic bag in the pile, which felled the giant machine.

in these parts, that makes for good theater. sadly, we had to break up the fun because it was time to pick up DH at the metro. but we had us some good fun, we did.


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