today is the last day of my old life. i hope.

i know, i know. everyone says they’ll start their diets tomorrow. and it is probably somewhat insane to start a new food-related regime at the start of the holiday season. but that’s just the kind of chick i am.

i’ve been doing lots of reading about body for life; and while i sincerely doubt i will ever look as amazingly toned as these folks, i like the somewhat sane concept of eating carefully, eating more meals, more protein, fewer carbs, and doing cardio and weights (i hate doing weights, so maybe this will grow on me). when i was younger, it was all about looking good in clothing. i was a bit more vain than i am at present. now, at my advanced age of jesus + 8 (as my friend maren and i like to say), i am simply sick of feeling huge thanks to bad eating habits, bearing two children, and an extended period on steroids. i simply want to feel better. period.

yep. i’ll probably be boring you with information on this scintillating topic now, too. i can just feel the joy.


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