it’s thanksgiving eve (or erev thanksgiving, as we tribal members would say), and i need to say what i’m thankful for. of course, it goes without saying: i am so thankful for my beautiful, quirky children; my amazing DH; my awesome parents, brothers, and aunt; and basically everyone in my family. i have caring, wonderful friends whom i adore and who seem to like me a bit. i’m hopeful i will have my health and am trying my best to learn to control what i can and fuck all the rest.

so i thought and i thought, and i figured, let me think about something i experienced today that wasn’t part of my usual repertoire. and today, while toodling around rhapsody (and if you like ’80s music, you can check out my Club Melody ’80s Mix – Rutgers Punk/Dance Mix), i rediscovered a little snippet of my wasted youth. i found todd rundgren and utopia 🙂

sure, i loved deface the music — i mean, duh, to say i love the beatles would be the understatement of the century, and todd and co. do a mean send-up of the fab four without being totally obnoxious. and while everyone looked askance at me, i adored the song healer. and i could write reams about his solo stuff that would probably bore all two of you out there (except for DH and his pal poker pete) (and especially if you spent a little too much time after a breakup listening to hermit of mink hollow, especially you cried wolf. i won’t mention any names. i’ll just look at the party and whistle one day.) but for solid progr rock, you can’t get much more solid than adventures in utopia. there’s really not a band song in the bunch (and of course, one more solid angry breakup song there in the very last time — yep, there was a time in my life where i collected breakup songs like my daughter collects dolls.).

so, in sum, i am thankful for all of the wonderful people in my life. and today, i am also thankful for revisiting todd rundgren and utopia. love you, runt, wherever you may be 🙂


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