the day started out ok. jools had blood in his ear, so we dropped BC off at school, then he and i went to safeway to shop until it was time to go to the doctor’s. we lovelovelove our pediatrician, so much so that BC was jealous because she wanted to see dr. j. anyway, dr. j didn’t see any infection in his ear and figured that perhaps jools had somehow scratched it up inside. so off we went, stickers in hand, ready to go to the big thanksgiving shindig at jools’ school.

at lunch, my face swelled up again. BS, in a moment of sheer kindness, left work and came to jools’ school to take my place with jools at his feast while i went home to put my head on the heating pad. when i returned to pick everyone up, jools had once again pooped in his pants and was in a different pair of pants. he always tells me he is too busy to go to the potty. at home, he pooped in his pants again. later, he peed. he asked to wear a pullup. reluctantly, i agreed.

i finally told him that he is acting like a baby, and babies don’t eat candy (which he asks for constantly since halloween happened), so until he keeps his pants dry and clean every day, he can’t have candy. something in my gut tells me this is really a bad idea, but i don’t know what else to do. he *knows* that he’s doing this; he’s been able to do this before. i told him that we can’t go fun places either, like the zoo, until he keeps his pants dry. but i don’t think he cares. and everyone else in the family ends up being penalized because of this. BS is about to go spare. BC is pissed off, too. and we can’t plan any vacation if he’s going to be pooping all over.

i’m really struggling with this.


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