good things come in threes. so do bad things.

so yesterday, when we last left our hero (me), i was covered in beer. it stood to reason that i would spend the rest of the week wondering when i (or things that required cleaning) would be covered in other substances.

wonder no more.

today, i have indulged in a happy cake-baking marathon. a very special little friend of ours is turning 4; another special little one is turning one; and BS is turning, well, older than 4 + 1 combined, for sure. the parents of the first two parties are having one giant party tomorrow and have asked me to bake. i am honored. of course, the cakes may not end up looking like a professional made them (especially since there are little folks here who are d y i n g to help decorate, so please forgive me now, alanna and kelly, wherever you are), but hopefully, they will be tasty enough to please the folks who are eating them. (besides, we all know everyone cares mostly about the frosting, anyway, right?)

but i am covered in flour. substance #2.

so you say, well, that’s only two. where’s three, little miss can’t be wrong?

i got #3 for ya. in spades.

last night, left to his own devices, jools got hold of a BIG bottle of baby powder. mind you, we seldom ever used baby powder on either kids as babies, so this was a gift that we’d had since jools was born. to make a long story short, he poured all of exhibit A on his library books and CDs; on his furniture; in his BOOMBOX, in his drawers; and basically everywhere his little hands could go. i asked him later: why did you pour powder everywhere?

he informed me that he was sprinkling powder to scare away the skeletons. jools is afraid of skeletons. i don’t have the heart to tell him that there’s a skeleton inside of him at all times for fear he will never sleep again.

suffice to say that we’ll be living with the baby powder for awhile, or at least until we move him to his new room.

yep. beer. flour. powder. good things come in threes. yahoo.


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