pre-pre-teen angst

its official. i have finally found someone even more neurotic than i am.

my daughter.

can’t blame my little chick, though; she has reason to be, to be sure. she is talking to me tonight about what if’s. there’s a boy who she has to sit with at school each day who has a serious problem — every time she speaks (and not necessarily to him, mind you), he imagines she has said something bad and malevolent. the first time this happened, he thought she was saying a slur on his ethnicity. and he slapped her.

he a c t u a l l y slapped her.

and the substitute teacher in charge told him not to slap her but also maligned my daughter for saying something not-so-nice about his ethnicity.

i went to the principal on this one.

they questioned everyone involved. and although they are pretty sure she didn’t say anything bad about his ethnicity, no one actually completely gives her a clean slate. which pisses me off. my beloved child is many, many things. but she does not have a bigoted bone in her body, something i would like to continue for as long as possible.

so meanwhile, back to this boy. they were playing a math game today at her table. and she had the temerity to be excited about something, and, mocking her mom, exclaimed, “yee ha!” this boy thought she said the word “fat” which he believes to be a bad word. “mama,” she asked, “i didn’t say it, but is fat a bad word?”

“no dear. though it isn’t nice to call someone fat.”

“well, i didn’t. but he thinks i said it and now he wants to go to the teacher.”

man. i have had enough of this boy. i think i will have to go in and have the teacher change someone’s seat. it always pisses me off, though, that the person who is causing the trouble is never the one who gets his seat changed. my daughter loves everyone else at her table–she has become friendly with everyone, and they work together well, which is important considering this is spanish immersion and they all have to work together — the native english speakers and the native spanish speakers. so why should she have to change tables?


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