it’s official. i’m a jewish mother.

had my monthly platelet checkup today. i hit an awesome 212. i am also on a Z-pack, so i wonder whether my platelets go up because something is fighting off the yuck in my system so they don’t have to. conversely, i wonder whether they are so busy fighting the yuck themselves that perhaps they multiply the team to kick the yuck’s proverbial ass. i dunno. whatever it is, i’m glad it’s up.

in other news, there’s a person i know who has been locked out of his apartment by his roommate and cannot get to any of his personal belongings. we’re talking clothing, records, everything. the landlord doesn’t care; the police say talk to the landlord, and in short, he is fucked. i talked with him today, and he hasn’t eaten since a day or two ago. this is a good-hearted guy who is just having a daily nightmare. and the fact that he hasn’t eaten is making me crazy.

i’m going out and buying a Giant Food card for this guy. he has to eat.


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