regression analysis

note: i just posted this question to my favorite forum, DC Urban Moms. i am so wildly desperate for answers that i’m posting the question in my blog, too. if anyone out there has any suggestions, please write to me and let me know. i’ll thank you, and my washing machine will thank you, too.

ok, that may have given a chuckle to the parents out there who slaved through quantitative techniques in grad school, but the sort of regression analysis i am talking about actually involves a little boy, a toilet, and some r e a l l y messy pants.

my three-year-old son was daytime trained this summer. there was much rejoicing. however, at the end of september, he changed from a daycare situation to a full-day montessori program at an elementary school, a program that requires kids to be potty-trained. they don’t nap, and they have a short lunchtime and short recess that mirrors the schedule of the bigger kids at school. in the past month, he has not only had pee accidents, but he has actually had poop accidents. did i mention they don’t like to change kids there, though they will occasionally… today, we’ve had two poop accidents, and i actually had to go to school to change him for the second time.

i’m not exactly the sharpest tack in the box these days, but i think my son is trying to tell me something.
i’m sure there are others who have been in a similar boat. i am trying to address the underlying question of whether this is just too much of a structured experience for him; but someone out there — please tell me how you got your child-formerly-known-as-a-potty-trained-champ out of regressive behavior? it seems to go beyond the usual potty training tricks – we’ve been through them all the first time, and they’re not working the second go-round.

another issue which makes me think i am becoming the worst mother in the whole world: i am beginning to get really, really irritated with these accidents. it was easier to be kind and understanding when he was learning to train. now, i *know* he is able to control his toileting, but he is choosing not to. it’s hard to smile and say “that’s ok!” to your child as you clean up their 4th/5th/lost count accident of the day when you know they known damn well how to go to the bathroom. but i’m the grownup, and he’s the kid, and i am trying to get over myself.

but it’s so hard.


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