we’re gonna turn this mother out

after school. BC has plugged herself into the Disney Channel, where aged Sister, Sister episodes are playing back to back. jools and i retire to his room, where his latest activity seems to be discovering that his boom box can do things besides play CDs. it can play tapes, too. AND, it has a radio.

so first we’re dancing around to a CD i found at the library, one of the putomayo things for kids. he is unimpressed. “this isn’t good for jumping on the bed,” i believe, is his criterion. we try another CD, this one an Ella Jenkins special. no dice.

so we turn on the radio. we flip it around. and we come upon our friends in Parliament singing Give Up The Funk “what did he say?” jools asked.

“he asked us to ‘turn this mother out'” i reply with a straight face. (for those keeping track, this is reason # 1,345 why i am a bad mother.)

“is this good jumping music, mama?” he asks.

“the best!” i say, jumping along with him and pretending i’m a soul train dancer.


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