and then again…

so i’m frustrated.

i’m frustrated about my health (which seems to be a never-ending story of angst).

i’m frustrated because my friendly son cannot seem to make any friends in his class AND the teacher is pretty unaccessible. you can’t talk to her before class. you can’t talk to her after class. today, i merely was about to ask her when it would be a good time to talk to her; she stopped me before i finished my sentence and said, “please, e-mail me. i can’t focus on anything else right now.” it’s hard enough when kindergarten is a black-box experience at public school; but a black-box experience for my three-year-old is completely unacceptable. this has got to change. and if i can’t get any support from the school, then perhaps i need to rethink this whole thing.

i’m frustrated because we uncovered a zillion of these flying ant things downstairs crawling around the deck. i called the exterminator, and she indicated that they are likely not termites (thank G-D) but some sort of ant that begins with “C” that i cannot somehow remember, even though i heard about this 10 minutes ago.

i’m frustrated because BC, her friend (an absolutely delightful little chick who i adore), and jools were so terrified of said bugs that they ignored both open back doors and ran to the front, which was locked. i couldn’t find them; then i had to go all the way back around to get in and let them in. and when i got there, jools had pooped in his pants.

so will somebody please tell me what horrific thing i did in my life to earn all of these things and more?


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